How does It work for sellers?

Below are steps on how CrownCharm work for sellers:


Step 1:  Register and login to your CrownCharm account

Step 2:  Create a gig. to learn how to create a gig, go to this URL:

Step 3:  We notify you via email when your gig is sold or you can check your Crowncharm account every 3 days to know if your gig is sold

Step 4:  Deliver your order to your customer before or on your gig delivery timeframe

Step 5:  Encourage your customers to write a review of their experience

Step 6:  Withdraw your earnings

Step 7:  We send your money into your Paypal account.


Note: You must have Paypal account to receive your earnings, if you don’t have Paypal account, you can create free Paypal account by going to this URL: